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Information about Wezon



In the southern region of Togo, it is customary to greet a person as soon as she enters your house by saying "WEZON" which means "welcome" in Mina language. The purpose of WEZON is to facilitate the traveling experience in Africa by offering a "One Stop Shop" solution for travel rentals.  We focus on the logistics of travel by offering travelers the ability to book thoroughly vetted Homes, Cars, Tour guides and Ambassadors services online. We strongly believe in building a community of trusted partners that offer world-class quality service. The relationship between Wezon and its partners goes beyond contracts and the opportunity to generate revenue. We are an early stage startup created in the summer of 2018 that aims to facilitate the traveling experience in Africa and change perceptions about the continent. We are 100% African owned and we want to do our part in showing the world the best Africa has to offer!

WEZON offers  a few key advantages such as :

  • Reliable service providers who are dedicated to providing impeccable service

  • A 'One Stop Shop' solution that allows customers to book complimentary services on the same site

  • Flexible online  payment methods for both travelers and our partners

  • On demand access to relevant information (Photos, blog articles, reviews) about the countries in our directory.

  • Book with confidence knowing that Wezon has vetted each service that is listed on its platform. Vetting means we have done the following:

  • Check the identity of the owner (does not include background check)

  • Physical Inspection of the homes and cars that include testing the equipment including but not limited to Air conditioner, wi-fi, hot water, fans, TVs, stove in homes and test driving cars and ensuring that they are in good condition.

  • Checking the identity of the guides & Ambassadors and testing the experiences that are being offered